Protecting North America's Fish and Wildlife Resources


MISSION: As a non-profit organization created by wildlife resources officers, we are dedicated in our efforts to stop poaching of North America's fish and wildlife resources through a comprehensive conservation law enforcement approach and the exchange of information with anti-poaching organizations. We promote public education on the differences between sustainable use and poaching, with a special emphasis on youth education therefore creating a force multiplier for law enforcement charged with protecting these valuable resources.

Let's all work together in protecting our wildlife resources

North America is renowned for its beautiful and diverse landscapes-and of course, its wide variety of fish and wildlife. Unfortunately, with poachers breaking conservation laws and illegally hunting wildlife, that diversity is dwindling. Luckily, International Wildlife Crimestoppers is here to put a stop to poaching. We're a team of trusted wildlife crime stoppers based in Blairsville, GA and dedicated to preserving our natural resources.

Reach out today to find out how your local anti-poaching organization is taking a stand against the illegal taking of fish and wildlife resources.

International Wildlife Crimestoppers is a non-profit wildlife protection group founded by a dedicated group of wildlife resources officers. In an effort to stop the poaching of North America's fish and wildlife resources, we:

  • Work within a network of anti-poaching agencies to share information.
  • Take a comprehensive conservation law enforcement approach to poaching.
  • Promote public education about the differences between sustainable use and poaching practices.
  • Provide funding for specialized enforcement equipment.
  • .Provide a cash reward program to assist IWC member states and provinces with major cases.
  • Ask concerned individuals like you to be vigilant and report poaching activity to your regional authorities.



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Let's work together to put a stop to poaching

If you're interested in helping our anti-poaching efforts across North America and end flagrant violations of game and fish laws, there are several ways to contribute. You can:

Donate your money or time.

Sign up for a wildlife protection membership.

Report an animal poacher in your area.

Don't stand by while poachers destroy YOUR valuable resources. To report a violation, contact your local Game and Fish department by clicking on the map for your state or province.