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International Wildlife Crimestoppers’ Mission Statement is simple: We Are Dedicated to Stopping ALL Poaching. We are a non-profit membership organization created by wildlife resource officers dedicated to reducing the illegal taking of the world's fish and wildlife resources through the global exchange of information with anti-poaching organizations. We strategically partner with effective like-minded organizations that support sustainable use of our natural resources. With special emphasis on youth education, we provide public education on the difference between sustainable use and poaching, creating a force multiplier for law enforcement charged with protecting the world’s natural resources.

Operation Thunderstorm

Operation Thunderstorm

Month-long transcontinental operation hit wildlife criminals hard

The largest ever global operation results in 1,974 seizures and the identification of 1,400 suspects
1.3 tonnes of elephant ivory, 8 tonnes of pangolins scales, 4,000 birds and 27,000 reptiles among the specimens seized.

Geneva, 19 June 2018– An international operation against the illegal trade in wild animals and plants including timber has seen hundreds of seizures worldwide as well as arrests of suspects.

Code-named “Thunderstorm” and targeting the people and networks behind global wildlife crime, the operation involved police, customs, border, wildlife, forestry and environment agencies from 92 countries and resulted in millions of dollars-worth of seizures.

The month-long operation, from 1 to 31 May, has so far brought 1,974 seizures and the identification of some 1,400 suspects, triggering arrests and investigations worldwide. Further arrests and prosecutions are foreseen as ongoing investigations unfold.

According to INTERPOL, total worldwide seizures reported to date include:
~43 tonnes of wild meat (from bear, elephant, crocodile, whale and zebra etc.)
~1.3 tonnes of raw and processed elephant ivory
~27,000 reptiles (including approximately 869 alligators/crocodiles, 9,590 turtles and 10,000 snakes)
~Almost 4,000 birds, including pelicans, ostriches, parrots and owls
~Several tonnes of wood and timber
~48 live primates
~14 big cats (tiger, lion, leopard and jaguar)
~The carcasses of 7 bears, including 2 polar bears.

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