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Bull Moose – OGT New Hampshire

On September 3, 2013, Sgt. Mark Ober began investigating a half butchered Bull Moose found around the 13 mile marker on Greenough Pond Rd in Dixville, NH with the hind quarters missing. The moose was lying in the travel portion of the road.

Arriving on the scene Sgt. Ober located a fairly large bull moose lying half in the travel portion of the roadway within view of the 13 mile marker. The moose was lying on its right side with its head on the edge of the road and the entrails in the road. The two hind quarters had been removed from the moose, but otherwise was fully intact. Evidence at the scene included a one 30-30 spent shell casing approximately 30 feet away from the moose on the side of the road and one empty bag of ice across the road from the moose. Forest Ranger Jason Huter assisted Sgt. Ober by rolling the moose over and located a bullet wound entrance hole on the right front shoulder. The following necropsy on the moose revealed an intact bullet lodged in the left front shoulder. The bullet had passed through the heart of the moose, which was a fatal wound and would have resulted in the moose expiring within moments of being shot.

Several officers assisted in the investigation including Forest Ranger Jason Huter, Lieutenant Wayne Saunders, CO Chris Egan and CO Matt Holmes as well as inter-state assistance from Maine Game Warden Tony Gray. After nearly 3 weeks of conducting interviews and following leads, Sgt. Mark Ober received a full confession from Tyler Knightly from S. Paris Me, and a partial confession from Travis Ouellet of Errol, NH.

The following is a brief synopsis of what happened in the early morning hours of September 3, 2013 derived from evidence, witness statements and confessions from both subjects.

Both subjects stated that they were out “booze cruising” on the night of the incident when they came across a bull moose in the middle of the road around 1:00 a.m. They both fired a single round from a Ruger .44 Magnum Super Blackhawk revolver. They left the moose in the road, drove back to a camp in Errol and made a call to State Police Troop F reporting that he had found an injured moose and asked if he could have it. They enlisted the help of a third party to help butcher the moose. Before returning to the scene they hid the Ruger Revolver used in the crime in the engine compartment of a snowmobile. They returned to the moose where they cut off both hind quarters and left the rest of the moose lying in the road. The next day Tyler drove the moose parts back to his residence in Maine.

Both subjects were arrested, charged and convicted on the following charges: Illegal Night Hunting and Taking a Moose during Closed Season. They were also ordered to pay restitution for the moose. The total fine amounts resulted in $4000 plus a 3 year loss of hunting privilege and forfeiture of the firearm used in commission of the crime.

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