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On November 30, 2013 Warden Aaron Cross received an Operation Game Thief complaint about a doe deer being killed illegally in the town of Albion in Kennebec County earlier in the deer season.  The informant notified Game Wardens of the illegally killed deer when he found out that the violator was bragging about shooting a deer and not tagging it.  The informant also provided a Facebook photo of the violator holding up the doe deer that he had killed earlier in the month.
On December 5, 2013 based on the information from the OGT complaint, Warden Cross drafted a search warrant out of Waterville District Court for the violator’s residence in Clinton, Maine.  Several Maine Game Wardens executed the search warrant later that day.  As a result of the warrant, deer meat from the illegally killed deer was seized along with drugs and drug paraphernalia.  Warden Cross interviewed the violator and was able to gain a full confession from him in regards to killing the deer earlier in the month.  The violator explained that he had killed the doe during the first week of firearms season and did not have an antlerless deer permit.  He further explained how he did not register the deer because he did not have the doe permit to tag it under.  During the course of the interview, the violator explained to Warden Cross that he continued to deer hunt throughout the month of November even after he had killed the illegal doe.  On top of these violations, it was determined that the violator had fraudulently obtained his 2013 hunting license and admitted that he knew he was not supposed to have a hunting license in the state of Maine.
As a result of the complainant’s information and the subsequent warrant being executed, the violator was charged with failing to register a deer, fraudulently obtaining a hunting license, hunting antlerless deer without a permit, and hunting deer after having killed one.  During the winter of 2014, the violator pled guilty to all counts in Kennebec County Superior Court.  He was ordered to pay $1,900.00 in fines and spend 96 hours in an alternative sentencing program, which is an alternative to jail time.  His licensing privileges from Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will also be suspended for at least one year.
Because of the informant’s willingness to report his information to Operation Game Thief and the persistence of a team of Game Wardens, this violator was held accountable for his illegal actions and will have to take an ethics course in order to purchase a hunting license in the future.

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