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Michigan Fishing Violation

April 2016- COs Bradley Silorey of Macomb County and David Schaumburger of Wayne County received information of an angler taking over limits of fish.  COs Silorey and Schaumburger made contact with the suspect and counted his 41 yellow perch.  The subject stated that he did not have his fishing license on him and that it was in his truck.  CO Silorey followed the subject back to his vehicle where he opened the bed of the truck to get his license out of his jacket.  CO Silorey observed a Styrofoam cooler in the truck bed and questioned the subject as to what was in the cooler.  The subject stated that there were more yellow perch in there.  COs Silorey and Schaumburger counted the yellow perch in the cooler; this totaled 117 yellow perch.  When questioned, the subject stated that he had caught the fish earlier in the day and that he did not realize that he had that many.  In total, the subject was in possession of 158 yellow perch, which was 108 fish over his daily limit.  Enforcement action was taken.

Michigan Fishing Violation

Michigan Fishing Violation

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