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Michigan-“Just Couldn’t Help Myself” Walleye Case

March, 2016- CO Schaumburger, while working with a confidential informant, worked a group of individual’s suspected of taking over limits of walleye on the Detroit River. CO Schaumburger received word from the informant the location of the vessel and that the suspects would be fishing that particular night. CO Schaumburger set up surveillance and waited for the boat to return. CO Schaumburger met the suspects at the dock and asked how many fish they had between the 3 of them. One angler stated, “I think our limit.” The CO told the angler to remove the fish from the live well and count them. After counting the 18th walleye, the angler stated, “We might be over.” CO Schaumburger asked the suspect if any more fish were in the boat, and the angler replied, “Yes, up front in a bag.” CO Schaumburger located an additional 26 fish to put the total at 46 fish, make the group over limit by 26 fish. When asked why they did this, one angler stated, “I just couldn’t help myself.”

Michigan Walleye Fishing Violation

Michigan Walleye Fishing Violation

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