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On a fall evening during the 2013 deer season Conservation Officers Lt. Wayne Saunders, Sgt. Mark Ober and Eric Fluette were working night hunters in the area of Dummer Pond Road in the town of Dummer. With the deer decoy setup after legal shooting hours they patiently waited for a vehicle to approach their location.

Eventually the Officers, who were hidden in the woods, viewed headlights in the distance and prepared for its arrival reaching for their controls in darkness. As the truck approached their location it immediately braked and turned towards the deer decoy illuminating it with the truck’s headlights.

The Officers watched closely as the driver exited and went to the bed of the truck where he grabbed a scoped muzzleloading rifle and snuck up the passenger side of the truck. As he approached the area of the passenger door he raised his rifle, aimed at the deer and squeezed the trigger. An immediate click was heard, but no charge was set off. The night hunter had not placed a primer in the muzzleloader.

He quickly opened the passenger door and located his primers behind his wife who was sitting in the passenger seat. What felt like hours to the Officers was only seconds and shortly after he placed his primer in the muzzleloader, raised it, then a large flame and loud bang came from the rifle.

The Officers stormed out of their location and rushed the very surprised night hunter. They conducted their arrest work at the scene and released the night hunter on a must appear court summons. The Officers left with a scoped muzzleloader and a deer decoy with half an antler!

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