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Wildlife Enforcement Officers across the United States and Canada need all the eyes and ears they can get to assist in the intervention of the ever increasing, money driven, exploitation of wildlife resources. With the push of a button, the IWC website provides the public with online information in which to report a wildlife violation in any state or Canadian province.

Why become an agency member of IWC?


  • Through an application process, IWC provides grants for the purchase of wildlife decoys.
  • Grants are also provided for the purchase of “Anti Poaching Educational” equipment and/or upgrades.
  • Annual conferences are held to provide information on poaching trends, incident reporting and investigation, and new state of the art enforcement equipment available for investigation and apprehension. Attending agencies network and share information about their programs.
  • IWC has strategic partners such as Rocky Mtn Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, National Wildlife Foundation, Guidefitter, Nevada Bighorns Unlimited, Cabela’s, and like-minded individuals and businesses who support IWC conferences and fundraisers. These events enable IWC to provide grants to conservation law enforcement agencies.
  • IWC supports youth education such as the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation (outdoor education in schools) and causes such as the Outdoor Dream Foundation (outdoor opportunities for terminally ill children).
  • Information on unresolved wildlife violations can be posted on IWC social media for the public’s help to solve cases.
  • Through an application process, IWC can financially increase state or provincial reward programs for information leading to an arrest and conviction of a major wildlife violation.


As with any organization, its strength and potential growth relies on support from its members. Since IWC is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, created by conservation law enforcement officers. As an NGO, IWC has the ability to grow through public donations and fundraising events. This is paramount, not only to IWC, but for all agency members and their programs.

For a state or provincial agency, the ability to receive donations or hold fundraisers is limited or non-existent whether by statute or policy. IWC’s ability to raise funding is limitless and passed on to our members. As your international wildlife conservation law enforcement organization, IWC actively pursues available grants from industry organizations such as Cabela’s/Bass Pro which are passed on to you, our members. These are some of the reasons to support IWC and becoming an agency member. IWC will always be focused on supporting you and your game thief programs.


Membership Dues

Full Membership – $300

For more information about our wildlife protection membership, please read the membership application below.


Agency Membership application (print application and mail with payment or pay online below)


Make check payable to International Wildlife Crimestoppers

Send to:
Dawn Nichols
Executive Assistant
309 Cemetery Street
Vassalboro, Maine 04989

EIN#: 84-1481166 (For a W-9 form and/or invoice contact the Executive Assistant)


International Wildlife Crimestoppers (IWC) was formed to further the work of the various Operation Game Thief, Turn In Poachers, Report All Poachers, and related programs operating across the United States and Canada. You can view our history, objectives and membership information on the About IWC page.


If there is any additional information concerning our Association that we can provide, please do not hesitate to contact:

Dawn Nichols
(207) 592-6609


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